Estonia, May 2018

Estonia, May 2018

Erasmus+ KA219 "Designing Bridges Among European Citizens Throught Steam

This is a motion picture about our logo and our partners involved in the project.

Designing bridges among European citizens through STEAM

"Designing bridges among European citizens through STEAM" is an Erasmus + KA219 project consisting of five European educational centers: Spain (coordinator), Estonia, Romania, Turkey and Italy. The two main OBJECTIVES of the project are: To promote innovative practices using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) subjects and to promote equity and inclusion in transnational activities, encouraging the participation of female students to contribute towards gender equality in science and research.

The members of the group work in some innovative fields of STEAM, such as: Robotics, Drones with social uses, Algorithms of electronics in arduino and hakeon, Video games software and Interactive Mapping Environment Workshop, and they are interested in partnering to enhance, improve their knowledge and innovative practices.

Our logo has been designed by the Romanian students: Oanches Teodora and Tiolan Camelia

Key words: STEAM, female equity, inclusion, science.


The OBJECTIVES of the project are:
1. Promoting in the students the scientific-technical areas as a whole and in an integral way, using technology.
2. Promoting critical thinking and knowledge through STEAM in high school students.
3. Finding new sources to motivate female students to participate and choose scientific subjects that promote inclusion and not marginalization in the field of research.
4. Helping teachers efectively find practical solutions in their fields of teaching.
5. Creating working relationships and networks of knowledge among different schools through collaborative work to create a network of schools promoting equality, tolerance and teamwork.

30th anniversary Erasmus+ parties.

30th anniversary Erasmus+ parties.

1st Transnational Meeting

Transnational meeting in Catadau, Valencia (Spain)

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